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These 16 units are very rustic. Think of them as camping with a roof over your head. They are a no-frills option for groups of 3-5 people. An initial set of linens are provided, but the rooms will not be serviced during the week.
Each group cabin has a community/dormitory type bathroom and twin-size bunk beds. Each camper is provided a bunk bed unit (sleep on the bottom and keep your belongs on the top). If you have a group of three or more, you can reserve the entire cabin. Otherwise, the registrar will assign you to a cabin with same gender roommates.
Suggested items to make your group cabin a bit more comfortable: twin sheets, pillow, fan, towel, disinfecting wipes, broom, and possibly a fly swatter.


Rates, which include activity fees, meals and lodging, for a Group Cabin reservation is $1025 per camper for 1 or 2 campers, and $1003 per camper for 3 or 4 campers. To secure a camp reservation, a $100 deposit per camper is required.
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