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Trail Runs- State Park

Explore the trails up and around Indian Lodge, practice downhill skills in a back country state park. There are great views to reward these trail runners.

Alpine (Musquiz) Canyon Run

Hop aboard the bus and ride to one of our favorite runs to start the week of camp. A must do scenic run. Variable distance runs up to six miles.

Fort Davis Run

Runners and walkers will be dropped off at a chosen distance (2, 4 or 6 miles from camp) along the road toward Fort Davis. The longest distance is 6.2 miles from Fort Davis Library (that's right, the converted jail) to the Ranch. If you wish to do more, go past the Prude Ranch entrance.

Visitor Center at the McDonald Observatory

Take the bus to the Observatory. If you dare, accept the "Observatory Challenge." Run to the ranch or anything in between. Talk with staff for details.

Off the Books, Race the Bus

Grab your hydration pack and head out with the Russell's, race the bus (van) to Wild Rose Pass and beyond. 18 mi or more.

Madera Canyon

This is a beautiful run with breathtaking scenery. Choose your distance between 8 and 2 miles. Race the van for the ultra runner, 18 miles. There is one small hill and one large hill. This classic run has another option with a new spectacular 1.5 mile single-track run/hike from the picnic area. Ask the staff for more information.

Cook Flats Trail Run

Running with the Buffaloes. We will meet at the Hitching Post, board the bus and go up Sproul Road to the Cook Flats. It is a dirt road that eventually turns into a Jeep trail. Staff will explain the run as we ride the bus. 2 to 4 miles or further if you wish.

Traditional Last Run

Run or walk on your own or in a group of your own making. Old stand-by favorites for past campers include The Switchback Sunrise -- One last Davis Mountain sunrise viewed from the State Park overlook!
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