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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does camp cost?

Davis Mountains Fitness and Training Camp is a nonprofit organization and keeps rates as low as possible. A quick pricelist for camp can be found here: Pricelist. Alternatively on the Lodging-Meals page, click on each accomidation type to find out more information including their cost for the week of camp.

Can I Leave Camp Early Before the End of the Week?

Campers have left camp early in past years due to personal circumstances. Unfortunately we cannot issue refunds for any camp day(s) missed due to commitments to the camp's hosting facility.

When are my camp fees due?

A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due when you register. This holds your place for the upcoming camp. Returning campers are notified early in the year, and then registration is opened for new campers. The DMFTC Registrar will email an invoice upon receipt of registration and the deposit.
The remaining balance is due in full by June 30. If mailed, final payment must be postmarked on or before June 30 to avoid forfeiture of deposit and cabin assignment. DMFTC mailing address is as follows:

How physically fit do I need to be to attend camp?

It's necessary to have some degree of aerobic fitness to participate in and fully enjoy camp activities. Most activities range from moderate to strenuous. The majority of campers participate in cycling, running, and hiking activities. Cyclists should be able to easily ride 10 to 20 miles. All paces of runners are welcome, but the shortest runs are in the 2-3 mile range. Hikers need to be able to navigate inclines, rough footing, and at least an hour of activity. Because of the sun exposure and elevation, heatstroke is of potential concern. Access the heatstroke flyer here. Thunderstorms and lightning are frequent and pose a danger to outside activities. Access the lightning policy here. Campers submit relevant medical information either during registration, or by submitting a medical information form with their final payment. Please notify the medical staff of any changes in medical conditions at camp check-in.

Any medical considerations I should be aware of?

Prior to camp, consult your family physician regarding participation level. Be sure you have had a recent tetanus shot. The DMFTC Nurse/Medic will visit with you to review any medical issues or questions you might have before camp begins. During camp, Big Bend Regional Medical Center (located at 2600 N. Hwy. 118, just north of Alpine, approximately 32 miles from Prude Ranch) will be the best resource for any medical attention beyond the first aid that the DMFTC Nurse/Medic can provide.

How many people attend DMFTC?

Camp size which includes staff typically ranges from 90-130 people.

How does DMFTC handle cabin roommates?

Group Cabins: If campers register as a group of three or more, they can be assigned their own cabin. If campers are solo or in pairs, the DMFTC Registrar will assign same-gender roommates to a cabin.
Ranch Cabins: These cabins can be reserved for one camper. If you want a roommate, the camp registrar can assist, though DMFTC is not responsible for finding a Ranch Cabin roommate.
Hilltop Cabins: These cabins can be reserved for one camper. If you want a roommate, the DMFTC Registrar can assist but is not responsible for finding a Hilltop Cabin roommate.

Can I bring my children (under 18) to camp?

Children are allowed to attend camp under certain provisions (see below). Keep in mind that DMFTC is an adult camp with activities aimed at the adult level. There are inherent dangers in activities performed in such a rural location, and associated precautions accompany such a venue. Entertainment is focused on camp workouts; there are no movie theaters, shopping malls, or fast food restaurants nearby. If you'd like to bring your child, the DMFTC Registrar will review your registration form and reach out to discuss and answer any questions you may have regarding the camp's child policy. If you do decide to bring your children to camp:
a. You are responsible for them at all times (DMFTC does not provide child care or activities specifically designed for children).
b. Your children may participate in an activity with you as long as the activity leader has been consulted and provides approval.
c. Lastly you will address any inappropriate behavior displayed by your children.

Can I bring my dog to camp?

Dogs are allowed for RV campers. Other campers staying at the Prude Ranch are allowed to bring dogs only with prior approval from the board.

Where can I find more information about the West Texas area, including accommodations?

Click Here for Information

Can I get a ride to camp?

Our Facebook Group Page is where you can request a ride to camp, or alternatively offer room in you vehicle for other campers. New campers not yet a member of our Facebook Group Page, can request to become a member by contacting the registrar: registrar@fitnesscamp.org. For those offering rides -- please post your location, when you plan to leave, and how much room you have in your vehicle.

What are DMFTC meals like?

The DMFTC Food Manager coordinates meals with the Prude Ranch kitchen staff. Most meals are served buffet-style in the Prude Ranch Dining Hall; serving times are noted on the camper schedule. If you have any special dietary concerns, please contact the DMFTC Food Manager to discuss camp menus in advance so you can prepare accordingly, as campers with special dietary needs should bring supplementary food.
Sample Meals:
- Breakfast options: a main entree (eggs, pancakes, biscuits) and side (bacon or sausage) and bagels, cereal, fresh fruit, juice, and coffee
- Dinner/lunch: an entree, vegetables, salad buffet, beverages (tea, water, lemonade, coffee), and dessert
- Materials for packing sack lunches are provided on days with activities such as all-day hikes and long rides

Is alcohol allowed at camp?

Alcohol is allowed on the Prude Ranch property for adults age 21 and over. It is not uncommon for campers to bring beer or wine with them to dinner. Bagged ice for ice chests can be purchased in Ft. Davis, a 9 minute drive from camp. Additionally one Happy Hour event is usually scheduled during the week with local craft beer, wine, soft drinks and snacks; all furnished. Because the camp is located at an altitude of 5,000 feet, staying hydrated can be difficult during warm weather; especially when consuming alcohol. Please drink responsibly while you are at camp.

What is the smoking policy?

DMFTC rules prohibit campers smoking in any buildings, porches, or within 15 feet of buildings and porches. Prude Ranch smoking restrictions also apply.

What's the climate and altitude like in West Texas?

August daytime temperatures in West Texas are usually in the upper 80s and low 90s, while night temperatures average in the 50s. Low humidity provide a great escape from typical Texas summer heat. Elevation at Ft. Davis is 5,050 ft., the highest elevation of any county seat in Texas. On average, Ft. Davis has 263 days of sunshine a year. Expect scattered thundershowers in August. Due to the higher solar intensity and the thinner mountain atmosphere, use sunscreen and wear a hat. Proper hydration before, during, and after workouts is critical. Plan to bring workout clothing for a range of temperatures.

Can I connect to the internet while at camp?

A free Wi-Fi connection is available at the Dining Hall, Lodge and surrounding areas. Please be respectful of fellow users and avoid accessing large files such as movies or videos while connected to the Wi-Fi network. Also because of the mountainous terrain, spotty cell phone connections can be expected on the Ranch property. Robust cell phone coverage from the major carriers is available in Ft. Davis, just minutes from camp. Alternatively, voice calls can be made on the ranch property when using your carrier's "WiFi Calling" option.

Does DMFTC have any kind of dress code?

Packing for DMFTC is a pretty laid-back endeavor; most people wear what they need for the day's activity, whether it's running or bike shorts with T-shirt and tank top. Some campers choose to exchange their athletic wear for casual summer wear at dinner. For the final night Camper Dance, many opt for dancing shoes and cowboy boots. Bring a light jacket or long-sleeves shirt for those cool nights and mornings. Bring enough clothes for all activities, as the closest laundry facilities are in Ft. Davis.

Do I need to bring my own linens and soap/shampoo?

Those who are tent camping or RV-ing it need to bring all necessities, as Prude Ranch only provides RV hookups and a bathhouse for showering.
These items are provided for campers staying in the various cabins:
- Daily fresh towels (put dirty towels outside cabin door for maid service to replace with clean towels).
- Garbage bags and trash collection (put trash bags outside the cabin door for pickup).
- Soap (but bring your own shampoo or conditioner).
- The Hilltop Cabins also include tissues and coffee maker.
- Swim towels are kept by the Prude Ranch indoor pool for everyone's use, though campers may want to bring their own.
Planning on a massage? Bring your own sheets for the massage table--do not use Prude Ranch sheets.

Do I need to bring a bike to camp to have fun?

Cycling on the quiet rual roads of West Texas, whether it is riding with a group of fellow campers on an organized ride, or exploring the shops of Ft Davis with friends, is a popular activity for most campers. An example list of daily activities including rides is available here to help you evaluate some typical choices. Note that activities do vary from year to year.

How do I get my bike ready for camp?

The nearest bike shop is 30 miles away in Alpine and has limited hours. Make sure your bike is in good working order before camp by performing these checks:
- Brakes should grip firmly, and the levers should not squeeze to the handlebars(there are some big hills!).
- All gears should work smoothly, and the chain should stay in place when shifting.
- Check tires for cuts, worn spots, or dry cracking on the sides; if in doubt, replace them before coming to camp.
- Spin your wheels to be sure that they are straight and not wobbly. Check for loose spokes; wiggle your tire.
- Make sure everything is tight and adjusted.
- Bring your own replacement tubes, patch kit, extra tire.
- If in doubt, have your local bike shop check out your bike.

Help! What should I pack for DMFTC?

(Packing List (pdf))

For cycling:
- Bring your roadbike, the nearest rental is 30 miles away in Alpine TX with limited store hours
- Optionally bring a mountain bike for riding on ranch property roads
- Three spare tubes, portable air pump CO2 cartridges, and patch kit
- A spare tire in case of a blowout.
- Tools: tire levers and allen wrenches (for your seat post, bottle cages, etc.)
- Floor air pump
- Hydration water bags or two water bottles
- Nutritional supplements - energy bars and gels, etc.
- Riding equipment: gloves, shoes, helmet (helmets are required by our insurance)

For other activities:
- Running, walking, hiking shoes
- Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, ice chest
- Liquid replacement drink/powder and favorite snack/power foods
- Swimsuit, swim cap, goggles, fins, aqua jogging belt or vest, kick boards, paddles and pull buoys
- Snorkel, mask, aqua shoes, floats for Balmorhea State Park pool outing
- Canteen, fanny pack/knapsack, hiking/walking stick, binoculars, family radios
- Light jacket/sweater/long-sleeved shirt for possible cool nights
- Warm-ups for cool mornings
- Lightweight rain gear for mountain rain showers
- Soap, shampoo, tissues, other toiletries
- Tent or RV campers: bring ALL things you need for camping, including linens
- Yoga mat (non-slip), yoga kit (mat, blocks, strap), and mat for outdoor exercises
- Clothesline and pins for drying wet gear
- Alarm clock, camera
- Flashlight, headlamp for night and early morning use
- Lawn chair or camp stool
- Dance and dinner wear (casual clothing)
- Props and costumes for camp skits
- Campers with special dietary needs: foods/snacks compatible with food requirements
- Coffee maker
- Fly swatter, fly paper, insect vacuums, Venus fly-traps, or any other anti-fly devices

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